Hublot Masters Art Of Latticed Carbon And Composites For Rainbow Colored Tourbillon Replica Watches UK Wholesale

Hublot has unveiled a rainbow version of its MP-09 Tourbillon replica watches for sale using carbon and composites instead of gemstones to create the colors.

Hublot has already created carbon-based and ceramic materials in a range of colors, but the rainbow tourbillon fake watches shop required a new set of tools and techniques.

“Everything had to be reinvented: the concept, the method, the tools, the materials, and all the associated colour ranges,”2 Hublot says.

The graduated rainbow effect of the high quality copy watches is actually an optical illusion created by a lattice of thin bars of carbon laid in parallel a few millimetres apart.

Bars of different colored composite are placed vertically into the gaps and protrude slightly from the carbon.

This height difference is then filled with a third carbon mesh that raises all components to the same flush surface.

“We have mastered Carbon. We have mastered traditional Rainbow setting. But no-one was yet to master 3D carbon with the Rainbow effect, quite simply because no one had thought about it. That is what makes Hublot different: we explore the unknown regions of Haute Horlogerie. This new ‘MP’ is therefore not just another Manufacture Piece: it embodies what Hublot is. Being first, unique and different. And that will never change,” says Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

The $211,000 best UK replica watches was launched at Art Miami as a limited edition of eight pieces.

The rainbow colored case measures 49mm across and the perfect super clone watches is worn on a multicolored alligator leather strap.