Pre-Owned Spotlight: Thomas’s Vintage Favorites From Cheap Rolex And Patek Philippe Fake Watches UK

It’s my turn to do a Pre-Owned Spotlight article for this week! As you have probably noticed, we love browsing online offerings as much as our readers do. Hunting down the real gems is possibly even more fun than owning them. So join me on a chase for some cool replica watches for sale that are currently available at different dealers and webshops.

You know I have a tendency to go vintage, so you will find some older high quality fake watches in my selection. And I think I have an interesting lineup for you today, including sporty watches from Rolex and Heuer alongside dressier pieces from Longines and Patek. Let’s have a look.

1964 Rolex Submariner 5513 Replica Watches with an Explorer dial

Let’s kick things off with an exceedingly rare pre-owned pick. A Rolex Submariner ref. 5513 with a gilt dial is honestly one of my grail perfect copy watches. But here is an example that will make those look pedestrian by comparison. This example comes with an Explorer dial, characterized by baton indices and that iconic 3-6-9 layout.

There are actually several Swiss made replica Rolex Submariner watches that were available with Explorer dials. The 5513 is the last of them. The one thing they all share is an extremely short production period. Rolex finally settled on the dive watch’s archetypal combination of circles, batons, and triangles.

This best Rolex fake watches is in fair condition and on offer for an eye-watering €182,799. That is a premium of about €160,000 over a good “regular” gilt 5513. But hey, if you want something this rare, you are paying through the nose. Luckily, Xupes offers spread payments. I found the “As low as £30,466.50/month” proposition rather funny. In short, no, this is certainly not a pre-owned bargain. But I thought I’d kick things off with a bit of a banger.

Patek Philippe Calatrava 5120G Fake Watches in 18K white gold

If you are into simple Patek Philippe two- or three-handers at 34–36mm, you are out of luck. For some reason, Patek only makes Calatrava replica watches wholesale in 39mm cases now, unless you like diamonds or a design language that plays on stereotypical female watch features. Therefore, if you want a small men’s or unisex dress watch from Patek, you have to look at the back catalog.

And then you might just come across this beauty. This top UK replica Patek Philippe Calatrava 5120G watches in 18K white gold dates back to the early 2000s. It measures 35mm across, which is perfect for this style. I particularly love the Clous de Paris bezel and the micro-rotor caliber 10-240/111 visible through the display case back. To me, this is a sweet spot between vintage and modern Patek.

This AAA online super clone watches is currently on offer through Bulang & Sons. Priced at €13,700, I think this is a lot of watch for the money. In fact, it is very nicely priced for a 5120.