The UK Cheap Fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean 6000M Ultra Deep

I’ll keep this section short since we’ve talked about the record-setting (at the time) 1:1 fake Omega Planet Ocean 6000M Ultra Deep when it was originally announced as a commercial watch last year. The new anniversary Ultra Deep slides into the lineup alongside the other perfect replica Omega Seamasters UK with a new blue colorway, but darker (and more hefty) than most of its compatriots (the darker blue color is a reference to its depth rating).

The ceramic bezel is black with touches of light blue to cover the range of colors you’d get from the surface to the deepest depths of the ocean. That darkness creeps into the dial as well, which is yet again the biggest selling point of the luxury replica Omega UK.

According to aaa quality replica Omega, the dial pattern is an “accurate representation of the bottom of the Challenger Deep,” the deepest point in the Mariana Trench,” which was mapped out by the Five Deeps team using nearly a million sonar points. That dial then is coated with liquid enamel in a flowing pattern to create visual depth. And if you shine a UV light on it, there’s a bit of hidden text that says “Swiss movement super clone Omega Was Here,” signifying the world record dive of 10,935 meters. It’s a super cool dial for such an intense tool and I feel like I’m going to need to see it in person to fully appreciate it.